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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Unlock fifa 2014 tournament on android

The ea fifa soccer games are the most common android soccer game with stunning graphics and features ,If you love playing soccer games on android phones you will probably be waiting for another updates of fifa soccer game.

 fifa 2012 was a great game but  the release of  fifa 2013, fifa 2014, fifa 2015, fifa 2016, improved so many features on them.

  With  the release of the updates fifa 2015, fifa 2016 and probably fifa 2017, they are online games, which means you need connection to server before you play the which demands for data charges on phone, this has its own advantages and disadvantages. The offline fifa soccer games are fifa 2012, fifa 2013, fifa 2014.

 In this article I want to share a trick on how to unlock fifa 2014 tournament on android, this is the most common task on  fifa 2014, when trying to open the tournament what you get is ‘’check for existing purchase’’,  and when you click  ‘’check for existing purchase’’ even  when you are connected to the internet it will display unable to connect to the internet , which is the common issues fifa 14 game lovers get when trying to unlock the tournament.

This is what you should do to unlock the game which I have done, and it really worked perfectly well

  • You should try and create a space of at least 3gig on your android phone.
  • Download the fifa 2014 apk and data (if you don’t have) and 2015 apk and data. 
  •  Copy the data of the 2014 and 2015 to the obb file location on your android.
  • Install the 2015 followed by the 2014.
  •  Make sure there is a data connection on the android device (just to unlock)
  • On your wireless connection
  • Then open the fifa 2014 game
  • Go to the tournament and click ‘’check for existing purchase’’
  • It will display ‘’Your purchase has been successful’’.

You can now play different leagues, select different clubs of your choice, transferring of players and many more, enjoy playing the offline game,

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